1. Lately, I’ve been struggling with keeping everyone around me happy. I’ve tried and tried and tried to do this or do that and to be there for whoever. And I have to stop because it just wears me out and makes me tired and sad. And you know, here’s what I’ve noticed, here it is:

    You cannot, absolutely cannot, please everyone. No matter what you do, you just can’t. I love helping and pleasing others. I love it. It makes me happy. And maybe it does the same for you, but when you get to the point where you are literally soo stressed about making other people happy that it takes your happiness, then you need to stop and focus on pleasing yourself. It is not selfish. You are not being selfish. You have to make yourself happy sometimes. You have to. Make yourself happy and others will be happy for you.

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I want all of these


    For More Posts Like This Follow LifeHacks247

    I want all of these

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  4. I am a senior this year and throughout high school, I’ve realized that people tend to treat us like gods. And we have begun to respond as such. Freshmen are ”invisible” us, sophomores scared of us, juniors are tired of us, but they all wanna be us. And yes, we can live it up a seniors but we shouldn’t ignore the freshmen, beat down the sophomores, and try to act so cool around the juniors (or all the time).
    • Freshmen - You were once in their shoes and they’re probably scared out of their mind, help one find a class or something.
    • Sophomores - They just wanna get to their class, don’t be mean or rude to them.
    • Juniors - put aside the arrogance and be equal to them.
    If you don’t already follow any of the advice above, I suggest you try at least one. If you do, congratulations! I do not glorify myself as a senior because since about half way through my sophomore year I have found those that do, extremely annoying. I love seniors that have friends is different grades. One of my best friends is a freshmen. Another is a sophomore. Another is a junior.
    They look up to us and we need to set a good example.
    We’re all just kids trying to get through this crazy school system, lets help each other out.
  5. So yesterday my 6-year-old sister was outside yelling at my 8-year-old brother, like screaming at him. So she comes inside and she’s so furious, she’s just pacing around and she keeps saying “I’m so mad at him. I wanna talk to him.” So I’m like, “Then go talk to him.” And she looks at me like I’m crazy and says “I can’t because I’m soooo mad at him!” And I’m like “Okay, then don’t talk to him.” Her response was “But I want to!!!!”

    And that, my friends, is love. She was utterly mad at him but she still wanted to be with and talk to him. They are truly best friends and the bond between them is so unbreakable.

    Sibling’s are the best.

  6. I really wish I could be a good blogger….

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  8. That was rude. I shouldn’t have said that about my love. I love him, it’s okay when he does that. He’s normally working when it does happen. I speak without thinking, I shouldn’t do that anymore.

  9. I love it when my boyfriend opens my snapchats but doesn’t send back in the middle of a conversation… -__-

  10. Tuesday night I was telling my boyfriend something as he was taking me home and Amnesia by 5SOS came on the radio and he says, “Wait. Stop. This is my song. I have to sing.” and he turned the volume up and starts shouting the lyrics in a British accent…. I never got to finish telling him whatever it was that I was telling him.  


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